Student Council speeches are a preparation for life.

Published: 21st March 2011
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Student Council speeches are challenging to give. Sometimes, of course, the speaker may be a member of the debating society and an accomplished speaker. If so running for the student council may pose no problems to him or to her. Often, though, the person who is most interested in improving matters in the school or college finds it difficult to express his or her beliefs.

Student Councils are as different as the schools that have them. A small local school or a huge college may each have a council and what those councils do depends on the members. They may simply provide window dressing by existing but having no real power or they may be a real power for change.

Student Council speeches start with election speeches. The candidate will express his or her promises about what he or she will do if elected. He or she will point out problems that exist and his or her suggested remedies for those problems. He or she will express his/her understanding of student gripes and promise to be active in seeking the changes that are necessary. Having a good slogan with which to end your election speech is obviously very important. Indeed it may be exactly what gains you a position on the Student Council. A sense of humour too is critical when speaking to students.

An acceptance speech follows if you have been successful in your bid for election. This should be gracious in tone and you should express your thanks for the votes given to you. You should also be conciliatory towards the opposition and speak of inclusiveness. It is also an opportunity for you to reiterate what you intend doing on behalf of the students who elected you.

During your term of office you may have to give other speeches for different reasons. The college or school authorities may intend making changes in the system to which you are opposed. Instead of being unreservedly critical of the changes your speech should show that you have done your homework and you should be able to point out the consequences of such changes to the students. If appropriate you should be able to gather their support to oppose the moves. By always being polite yet firm you have more chance of swaying those authorities.

Many student Council speeches are just the beginning. Quite often those who serve on such councils end up in politics either locally or nationally. What they have said in their Student Council speeches will have been the groundwork for what was to follow.

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