Graduation speeches depend on the graduates

Published: 04th May 2011
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Graduations speeches are stepping stones in the life of the graduates. Obviously then what the speaker will say at the graduation ceremony depends on how far those graduates have progressed on life’s journey

After all those graduation speeches may be given at a Kindergarten for instance. If so, the speaker is really addressing the parents of the children and basically will say that they are wonderful children who mean a lot to everyone present. They should mention the fun and laughter little children bring with them. The speech should reflect on their innocence and the way they soak up new information. It should speak of the responsibility of helping those children progress onto the next stage of their education. For such small children a very short and warm speech is the most appropriate.

Graduation speeches for those graduating from elementary school speak of the big changes that have taken place since the children first came to the elementary school. They mention the difference between small children and those who are leaving elementary school with basic skills in reading and writing for instance. They speak too of what the children have gained in the way of friendship in school and the opportunities and differences that lie ahead for them. They assure the children that they will have lots of help in the big jump to High School. These speeches should mention events that have happened while they were students at the elementary school and the funnier the better.

Middle School graduation speeches are more adult in context. Yet the speaker recognises the fact that middle school students have a long way still to go. At this stage of their lives the students will have partaken in many extra-curricular activities and these speeches should refer to the baseball leagues won or the fact that they won the choir contest. They should remind the students how much they owe their parents and teachers and motivate them for going into High School.

High School graduation speeches look at the past of course but mainly focus on the future. At this stage the students will be deciding whether or not to go to university or onto a suitable career. Speeches to high school students then should be about the choices they have and the opportunities that abound in the world today. They should include a mention of the friendships made at High School and the value of such and give advice to keep in touch. Again a touch of humour will greatly add to the speech.

Finally, graduation speeches for those in third level education are about using their skills and talents to make a difference in this world. They are about challenge and change and motivation. Basically they should tell the graduates that graduation day is the day they set out to make their mark in life and give them advice on how to do it.

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